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Tuesday, Apr 10 2012 - home at last!!!

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got home yesterday from tahoe/san fran trip & needless to say i am up!!! i haven't actually weighed in as my first weigh was at 1 a.m. when i got home & was close to 278 but not quite!!!! i usually lose the first wk i'm back & so will do a regular weigh in in the a.m. to log watever it is!! ahhhh i'm soooo scared!!! lol!!! not really cuz i have had enuff!!! just enuff!!! i can't stand the fact i have gained sooo much wgt back & i am uncomfortable in my own skin yet again!!! not to worry!!! i will make my target!!! i am going to re-evaluate my calorie goal as another had suggested cuz the 1500 is not making it come off!!! that along with the fact that i am inconsistant all have some contributing factors!!!! in also must make exercise time!! i am hiring in the nxt 2 wks someone to help in the back & close the office so i no longer need to!! these are a few of my ideas to get a new fresh start on my 175 goal!!! on ward & not up ward!!! lol!!! more later all!! hope everyone is doing sooooo much better than i now!!! xoxoxoxo

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6 years ago

Welcome home - for what it's worth - I'm just a couple inches taller and 48, and with my weight at 239, my CK calories are 1650 - so, I'm thinking yours may be too low.




6 years ago

Hugs! :kiss:




6 years ago

Welcome back!