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Friday, Apr 13 2012 - another day to make a change

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over the last 2 yrs i have played with my own head on & off over & over & over again. i wish i could blame it all on ignorance...as though i just didn't kno better but that wd b a lie. i have come to realize vacations r a big stumbling block in my success. for a few yrs we only went on one longer vacation & mayb one or two long w/e's so if i ate poorly & drank it really wasn't that defeating however 3 of over a wk or more in 4 months is a calorie explosion. one of the 3 already gone on i actually was conscious & careful however not the other 2 & i have yet another coming in less than a month! that in addition to holidays where i indulge & i can see y i have yet to b successful! exercise is always an issue for me & an area i come & go in. so today yet again time to make a change....if u want to see change u have to make a change & no success come without numerous failures!! i am work on only 2 things for now consistency & exercise!!! so gotta go pull out a gr8 zumba box set i got 3 about 3 months ago & never used!! lol!!! have a gr8 day all!!!

p.m. didn't get what anyone including myself wd call an actual zumba work out in yet. i did get out the set & read the book & started the step by step video it seems it may take a little more than an hr to get this going however i am glad that i got a small start. i have it all set up to do again 2mro, to review the steps i am learning & to add a few more!! whoo hooo!!!!

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6 years ago

Sometimes the first exercise we do is a mental one. It's valid preparation! Hang in there. Best, Cheryl55



6 years ago

Don't worry about getting all the steps right. Just put in the video and start following as best you can. Like my former Zumba instructor used to say before every class "it doesn't matter how you look, we aren't filming a video here today". :laugh5: He also used to say to start off at your own pace. He moved to Chicago last year. :cry4:
Really, before you know it you'll be keeping up. Have fun with it. :rock1:




6 years ago

Vaction eating can be tough! I hope you had fun dancin' your bum off with your Zumba tapes.




6 years ago

I took a 60 min. Zumba class this morning and am feeling great! Give yourself a few times to learn the moves - hope you enjoy it!