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Friday, May 18 2012 - never again....

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omgosh ordered a grilled hickory chicken sandwich at denny's knowing may b a few more calories than i needed & when i looked it up today i wanted to shoot myself @ 900 calories for a frkn sandwich. it had onion rings on it & i figure mayb an extra 150 cal's but frkn 900 b4 the sides!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wth????????????? i hate some of the decisions i make in the food dept!! i wd never had thought in my wildest dreams that a grilled chicken sandwich.........even one with onion straws on it wd b 900 calories. live & learn! on the brite side i have been riding my bike for an hr or more on a fairly regular basis & am hoping to make it a nightly event!! :-) all i can say is never never never give up is my motto!!!!!! lvg the country for a wk in the am & looking forward to trying to make this a healthier vacation than has been my normal in the past!!! all inclusive will help due to the quality of the food!! say a prayer for me.....i have several times already!! :-)

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5 years ago

Fingers crossed for you! :) Just zumba through the food lines, you will burn lots of calories ;)

Its tough eating out and when everything smells great, and you belly and head are fighting....




5 years ago

I did something similar at Ruby Tuesday's a few months ago. I thought fish (not breaded & fried) would be healthier and HOLY SHHHHMOLY!!!!!!!!!! I too went through OMGWTH (though my last letter differed).
Denny's fit fare menu is actually quite tasty and is a better choice and mostly I don't feel deprived if I choose food off of it. Other than that, kids meals help control portions & calories too (I did that at IHOP yesterday). You had a small slip-up--and learned :) look at it that way! Good job on the biking!