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Monday, May 28 2012 - best vacation wgt gain EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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ok laugh if u want but for me this is a major accomplishment......i only gained a single pound!! i had planned on logging but we had no internet in dominican republic except in the lobby which carrying the laptop to the top of the hill everyday to log was just not in the family agenda & rob & i had gone with his mom & sis. i did not worry too much but i didn't eat alot of candy as usual or eat alot of late night snacks which i do on vacations of past!! we walked a million flights of stairs which killed my hips but i made it through, i did pool aerobics one day & for two days after my back was sooo sore from leg thrusts that i had to postpone our dolphin swim for a day. i couldn't believe i only gained a pound!! however on the other side of things i did notice that i have never been in worse shape!! i felt good about myself for all the bike riding & once we hit all the stairs, alot of stairs- the entire resort was built on a hill & not an elevator anywhere. prob the best scenario for me but i struggled ALOT!! then the back thing after a simple half hour of water aerobics (which i did in it's entirety) really made me realize how physically unfit i am!! it was a sad realization for me then to top all else off the pic's of me looked like a walrus in body size!!!! i was whining to rob about it & he offered to do a boot camp with me starting 2mro after the holiday!! i didn't want to agree but i did!! he has lost all his wgt & kept it off for the last 3-4 yrs!!!! i kno he can help me!! i mean in the strength & fitness end of things & he does all my food now....except wat i eat outside wat he makes me!!!! i thought hard about it & decided it was my best option & i knew it wd help me get back to where i was before my hips went out!!! i was overweight but strong & healthy aside from that!! i am no longer in that place!! so 2mro i start boot camp!!! yea!! i'm excited!!! have a gr8 holiday everyone!!!! xoxoxoxox


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5 years ago

Keep up the good work! Any accomplishment is a good one. Keep going on that physical activity too. I am in the same boat you are with being unfit. I do my best to do something each day. Keep doing that and it will pay off for you. I am bound and determined this weak to get under 260 where I feel eternally stuck! Glad you had a nice vacation even with all those stairs.

by JULES62



5 years ago

:clap: Doesn't sound like a vacay for wimps! Good job girl! Love the pic of you and your new friend. Thx for your comment.