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good riddance facebook!!!

Monday, June 25th 2012

lmao!!! soooo gr8 that i gave up fb!! i have accomplished soooo much in just 2 wks of no facebook!!! i had a room in my house that for 5 yrs has been supposed to b turned into a craft room. it never had & reallly became a catch all for well......EVERYTHING!!! seriously there was mayb a four or five foot path straight towards the window & other than that the entire room & floor was full & covered!!! i half cleaned it close to 2 yrs ago & then it slowly went rite back to the ju...

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Wednesday, June 13th 2012

lol!! i was truly disappointed when i weighed in tues. i have for the last 2-2 1/2 wks for the first time in over a yr i have been rite on with my exercise, 5 outta 7 days & my cal targets so i'm thinking ok, first wk i lost 3, then i lost or gained nothing ok, so now this wk i'm sure i will b down even a single lb if not 3.....and notta, zip, zilch, zero....i didn't lose a single lb. :-( ck says i can do 1750 cal's, i only do 1500 & i know i'm doing everything rite & i know it will ...

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life is good!!!

Saturday, June 2nd 2012

well i'm feeling really good about myself today! :rock1: i have re commited to myself & my fitness finally! :clap: i have re joined my p.a.w. challenge & my exercise challenge! i had to do an interim weigh in on friday for the challenge & had lost 3 lbs!!!!!!!!!! :bigeyes3: just from a few days of making better choices!!! i have decided to close my fb page for fitness reasons!! lol!!! but seriously i spend a good portion of my work days with it open, not always on it but it's open & distrac...

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