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Wednesday, Jun 13 2012 - ????

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lol!! i was truly disappointed when i weighed in tues. i have for the last 2-2 1/2 wks for the first time in over a yr i have been rite on with my exercise, 5 outta 7 days & my cal targets so i'm thinking ok, first wk i lost 3, then i lost or gained nothing ok, so now this wk i'm sure i will b down even a single lb if not 3.....and notta, zip, zilch, zero....i didn't lose a single lb. :-( ck says i can do 1750 cal's, i only do 1500 & i know i'm doing everything rite & i know it will all work out in the end however, dam it, i was still disappointed!! lol!! i have alot of support & all that good stuff but hell i want the scale to move!!! lmao!!!! of course i will keep on keeping on blah blah blah but i'm wondering if i need to go even lower in my cal's to c a move?? i have a hard time with the 1500 but if i have to go lower i will!! for now i will keep walking & eating healthy foods & c wat happens!! hope everyone else is doing better than i this wk, i hope u feel like a million bucks!!!! :-)

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5 years ago

Be careful how low you drop your calories. If your body doesn't get the calories it needs it will go into starvation mode and your metabolism will slow down. Keep doing what your doing. Get that exercise going real good. And beware the salt monster!

by JULES62



5 years ago

I wouldn't drop your calories any lower. I bet your body is not sure what is going on and it's holdin on for dear life to those calories. I bet you will see a drop very soon... Keep up the fantastic job! xoxoxoxo