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Monday, Jun 25 2012 - good riddance facebook!!!

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lmao!!! soooo gr8 that i gave up fb!! i have accomplished soooo much in just 2 wks of no facebook!!! i had a room in my house that for 5 yrs has been supposed to b turned into a craft room. it never had & reallly became a catch all for well......EVERYTHING!!! seriously there was mayb a four or five foot path straight towards the window & other than that the entire room & floor was full & covered!!! i half cleaned it close to 2 yrs ago & then it slowly went rite back to the junk room. since quitting fb it has been transformed into a little space of my own & i am elated!! i have literally gone thru every drawer every nook & crannie!! i will able in another wk to start some sewing God willing!! which i haven't done in 40 yrs!!! lmao!!! i have sorted & organized everything & that is only the start!! at work i created four websites for my four companies saving myself at lowest estimate $9,000 for someone else to create them & although i still have alot of work to do on then i have them up & an internet presence in a single wk!!! whooo hooo! the first wk i spent researching & getting estimates then the 2nd wk i built all four of them!!!! i have exercised the last 3 wks consistantly although last wk i only did 3 days when my aim is 5 days a wk!! however i have already gone over my goal of 600 minutes this month & i have another wk to go!!!! i still want to do 5 days a wk & am working towards that over a 90 day plan i have for myself!!! I AM SOOOO HAPPY I GAVE UP FACEBOOK!!!!! thank you all for all the support & love i get, along with all the gr8 ideas!!! have a super gr8 wk everyone!!! xoxoxoxo

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5 years ago

So inspiring! Thanks for the post and keep up the good work!