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i'm still around!! lol!!!

Tuesday, July 31st 2012

hello my dear sweet ck friends!! i have been all over the state these past 2 wks, my daughter's moving into a new place... well now has moved this past w/e however the w/e before rob(my better half) and i went to her duplex thurs nite to take a look & take her out for a birthday dinner. then fri, sat & sun we (jade, her boyfriend, rob & i) worked all day each day totaling 30 frkn hours for each of the 4 of us & we ate sht all 3 days, fish sandwiches, pizza drank soda's etc. then ...

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go figure????

Tuesday, July 17th 2012

since the monday b4 the 4th of july i have not really kept good track of my food. i kno that's not good & i was scared to get on the scale this morning....honestly....scared!! lol!!! i lost a lb!!!!! go figure!!! i haven't been eating watever i want but i have not had the time to b on here everyday recently although my wgt still matter gr8ly to me i have been watching but not actually counting by logging which is deadly for me! i have been stuck for 1 1/2 yrs at basically the same wgt, i go...

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back to the salt mines......

Monday, July 9th 2012

wow another vacation over already!! dam they go fast don't they!! i never eat good when i'm not at work, my schedule gets off & i eat at weird hours then we eat out more it's just tuff!! i'm sure i gained over the wk but am hoping 2mro when it's weigh in time that most of it is gone considering it took a month to move the scale at all & i certainly don't want to undo a months work in a single wk! when we have company we make the salads with real mayo & real sour cream which we NEVER ...

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holiday wk!!

Monday, July 2nd 2012

well finally the scale moved after a month of steady no loss, no gain! i lost 2 frkn pounds & wanted to celebrate!! hahaha!! how sad is that?? the messed up thing is that the whole month although i had a few days over calorie wise, i did exercise over 800 min well past my goal of 600 minimum but the darn scale didn't move. then for close to 3 days i counted mostly in my mind on the calories but logged also, knowing i was prob over some i didn't worry about it. unfortunately most of my days s...

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