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Monday, Jul 2 2012 - holiday wk!!

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well finally the scale moved after a month of steady no loss, no gain! i lost 2 frkn pounds & wanted to celebrate!! hahaha!! how sad is that?? the messed up thing is that the whole month although i had a few days over calorie wise, i did exercise over 800 min well past my goal of 600 minimum but the darn scale didn't move. then for close to 3 days i counted mostly in my mind on the calories but logged also, knowing i was prob over some i didn't worry about it. unfortunately most of my days still revolve around my calories, i want to make that a thing of the past but somehow i just can't grab that prize yet so.....i get on the scale the last day of my P.ound A. W.eek challenge down 2 lbs????? go figure!!! now we have the 4th of july coming on wed. & my daughter & grandkids will b there. let's face it family bbq's are not reallly conducive to cal counting. it is one of mayb 3-4 times a yr i drink alcohol in any quantity (more than 1 or 2) and this yr i already kno i will b eating a steak which is another deadly calorie killer!!(i only eat red meat 1-2 times a yr) i am planning on eating a small pc of the steak & some grilled salmon. we're having salad & a veggie tray that i will try to stick to but all in all i will eat, drink & b merry, then work that sht off over the wk i have off!! lmao!! i wanna tell everyone that is not what i will do & i want to b the person who never indulges....... or do i.........i really don't!! i have to say it outloud, i want to b ther person that 90% of the time eats gr8, makes gr8 food choices, exercises but i do want to b able to enjoy life & a little indulgence!! i believe in a middle ground, now if i can just find it!! lmao!!! have a wonderful holiday everyone!! above all else.....REMEMBER A VETERAN!!! after all freedom isn't really "free"!!! xoxoxo

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5 years ago

Have a super great July 4th with your friends and family Nancey! I'll be thinking of you! I had my steak indulgence this past Sunday! :eyebrows: