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Tuesday, Jul 17 2012 - go figure????

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since the monday b4 the 4th of july i have not really kept good track of my food. i kno that's not good & i was scared to get on the scale this morning....honestly....scared!! lol!!! i lost a lb!!!!! go figure!!! i haven't been eating watever i want but i have not had the time to b on here everyday recently although my wgt still matter gr8ly to me i have been watching but not actually counting by logging which is deadly for me! i have been stuck for 1 1/2 yrs at basically the same wgt, i got down to 240-241 jst b4 my daughters wedding (oct 2010) & then it was all up hill from there. jan 2012 i was back up to 278 when i came home from san fran vacation. originally i was 326 so i was quickly getting rite back 2 it & i knew i had to get back to biz & i haven't seemed to get it going again! yes i have lost almost 10 of those almost 40 but i have 95 to go!!!! life is soo hectic & i have a hard time maintaining leaving the ofc early on any sort of permanant regular basis, i make it a wk or 2 or 3 then bam rite back to 6-7 pm leaving 1 1/2 hr ride home & 10 projects at once & wat am i to do! after a 15 + hr day i jst don't want to exercise. walking at work was gr8 but now it's in the 90's with 90% humidity & i jst plain dont want to get that sweaty at work, i'm the boss!! perfect example yesterday left house by 6 a.m. worked, left early went to pistol class till 8:45 then 1 hr drive home, almost 10 wen we walked in the door starving! how do u manage a day like that?? i have another pistol class tonite & we get out earlier but by that time too late to drive an hour + and cook so we will go out to eat & it will b well later than anyone should eat dinner! holy kamoly.......i gotta get a plan!!! every time i do life happens & i feel like it's one excuse after another!!! even though i lost a lb i'm up 2 from last month & although i have lost 56 lbs & kept it off i have a true desire to get the rest off!! it took all month to lose the 2 i lost in june & i exercised 5 outta 7 days a wk & ate gr8!!!!! go figure??? ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! lmao!!! now i feel better & thank u all for letting me vent!!! :-) hope everyone out there has a major success this wk!!! keep on keeping on all!! :-)

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5 years ago

You ARE a PISTOL! LOL and you know what you've gotta do - get as passionate about YOU as you are about the rest of your life and your beloved ones ... and KNOW that you deserve to meet these goals you've set for yourself. Don't forget the secrets (a couple of which YOU taught me... ) Like - SHIRATAKI NOODLES - the ultimate guilt-free indulgence when you are ravenous and just wanna mow down! :) Don't forget about nuts. And delicious Fiber One Bars. And... life balance (how about a romantic walk together after shooting the crap out of those targets!!) ok so I'm trying to make you giggle but you know it's as much about what you are learning about yourself during this journey as it is about reaching the destination. Focus on what your "inner victories" have been through this process... not just the physical. Now go get it girl - and know you are loved!!:cross2:




5 years ago

Hey Nancey, I am right there with ya hun. I cannot seem to make myself get on the wagon. I will start well, but I don't stay on it. I feel I am in need of some new motivation. Maybe a new diet plan (with ck of course) or a new exercise class.