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Tuesday, Jul 31 2012 - i'm still around!! lol!!!

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hello my dear sweet ck friends!! i have been all over the state these past 2 wks, my daughter's moving into a new place... well now has moved this past w/e however the w/e before rob(my better half) and i went to her duplex thurs nite to take a look & take her out for a birthday dinner. then fri, sat & sun we (jade, her boyfriend, rob & i) worked all day each day totaling 30 frkn hours for each of the 4 of us & we ate sht all 3 days, fish sandwiches, pizza drank soda's etc. then exhausted all wk no walking & off again the nxt thurs to orlando to celebrate rob's sisters 50th birthday! another 3 days then home late sun & back to work! ahhhhhhh!!!!!! she asked us to go away again this w/e to a new cirque du soliel show & i had to say no!! i love cirque but i am sooo frkn tired i can't c straight!! i'm back up to 273 so gained 4 lbs in the last 2 wks even with all the work!!! heeellllpppppppp!!!! lol!!! now i'm home for 3 wks & off to atlanta for my other daughters birthday, then 5 wks later a wk in the keyes with my whole company on our annual trip, planning thanksgiving in amsterdam & breckenridge for Christmas. all this traveling makes it very hard to eat rite for me!! when we travel i like to try new things & gr8 restaurants!! wat am i to do?? even when i order fish if i have a cocktail or 2 i'm screwed!!! ahhhhhh!!!!! being a fat girl sux!!! lmao!!! i have sooo many clothes i can't fit into rite now as i have gained back 30 of the original 95 i lost & i hate that!!! i was walking alot & experiencing some serious foot pain only to find out i now have arthritis in my feet!!! wth!! lol!! old & fat!!! sht how did this happen!! lmao!!! i will get back on it & back to my exercise over the nxt 3 wks!!! I HAVE TO!!!! a special thanx to bobbi the gr8!!!! i love u lady & really appreciate your sincere concern lady!! people like u r why this site is soooooo gr8!!! lauren i have been soooo bad i don't want to bring down the group totals, that's y u haven't heard from me!!! soooo sorry!!! i miss u too lady!! :-) if it takes the rest of my life i will not give up.......EVER!!!! i love all the gr8 support & encouragement i get here & wd b lost without it!! THANK U, THANK U, THANK U ALL!!!!!!!!!!
p.s. we went to a pirate dinner show also while in orlando & this was our pirate!!! lmao!!! whoo hoooo!!!!

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5 years ago

Hi my friend! Boy you have been busy. I wish I was traveling like you. Most of my busy time is work work work.




5 years ago

Nancey - You love life with gusto girl! I love that about you. When you're ready to be a healthier version of yourself, your lifestyle will follow whether you are traveling or not. I don't think there's much that could stop you! :smile1:




5 years ago

Don't give up!