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Monday, Sep 24 2012 - new pedometer....

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haven't been working lately on my wgt. i have been beating myself up for over a wk cuz i have gone from a 95 lb loss & 240 down to a 57 lb loss and 278. my life has been hell with my sisters cancer treatments and new employees & end of yr for the business, 3 major trips planned in the nxt 3 months yada yada yada....same crap everyone deals with!!! ahhhhhhhhh!!! i really want to leave for london 20 lbs down!! i broke down & bought a new pedometer & even took a 1 mile walk yesterday! please wish me luck cuz i really need it or determination wish me consistant determination please!!!! have a beautiful day beautiful people!!!

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5 years ago

You and I can do this.... Why life is crazy and out of our control.. But, we will find a way to make it work and work forever.
xoxo miss chatting with ya....




5 years ago

I wish for you consistent determination . . . and, I hear the universe adding their 2 cents too! London calling huh - exciting! Cheers