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Monday, Oct 1 2012 - u never kno.....

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u really never kno, i haven't been eating the way i kno i should and for the first time in yrs i actually avoided the scale 2-3 wks this month not wanting to kno & knowing that come months end i wd def get on the scale & c where i was to start oct. i was blown away to c a 7 lb loss. so surprised i got off checked for the zero and got back on!! lol!! yup still 273!!! whoo hoo!!!! i was very happy!
the two things this brought to me was 1) i could b rite back at 326 any time if i quit watching & 2) my bad now is much better than it EVER has been.
when i got on the scale the begining of sept after a trip to ga with all the grandkids & eating like a kid myself and it read 280 i truly wanted to cry, then i was mad as hell AT myself! still i tightened up but not as seriously as i could have. i moved a little more but nothing serious and still i lost 7 lbs!! that tells me if i jst get myself back where i was in 2010 mentally in regard to my wgt it will all come off!!! "self controlled mindset" is my mantra for october & a goal of another 10 lbs!! i can do this!!! i will do this!!!! have a wonderful day everyone!! lvg for a wk (now) in the florida keys (key west) 2mro!! whoo hooo!!!! :-)

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5 years ago

Congrats on the loss... I hope it helps your mindset to keep pushing forward!