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Saturday, Nov 3 2012 - watch everything

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deciding yesterday that i had done enuff damage gaining half of my original loss back over the last 2 yrs & now close to where i was when i first came to ck, i thought i wd get back on it. took a 70 min. bike ride yesterday. ate grilled fish & broccoli for dinner had a seafood appetizer, then the crushing mistake, instead of ordering a starch i chose a blue cheese pecan salad with oil & balsamic on the side. i was happy there was not alot of cheese however disappointed that is was dressed in what seemed like a vinagrette.....i get home look it up & that frkn salad was 561 calories!!!! wth!!!! i didn't really want to have much to do with anyone this past wk so when the salad came i didn't want to send it back so i could avoid the interchange with the waitress thinking the salad could b 250 cals without the dressing & even if 140 cals for vinagrette i could do but almost 300!!!!!!!!!! we went shopping & even stopped for a fro yo thinking no prob!!! needless to say calorie wise not a gr8 day to say the least but happy i logged! lol!! took a walk today in preparation for our trip abroad, 1.5 miles & i was happy maybe even a bike ride later!! much love to all for the sweet sentiments! till nxt time....nancey

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5 years ago

Live and learn. It's a bummer to learn that something that you thought would be ok is not. I hate it when restaurants take something that should be good and healthy and make it high calories. My doctor once told me to avoid salads when eating out because they sneak in a lot of calories in the dressing.




5 years ago

Great picture. That fact that you are logging will make you more aware the next time! You are doing great.




5 years ago

Cute you + cute man . . . glad you are taking care of yourself girl :kiss: