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Wednesday, Jan 30 2013 - cleaning out my closet.....

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ok have to get this off my chest before i can go on! :-) over the last 2 1/2 yrs i have gained back almost all i had lost. i was at 240-241 now i'm back in the 290's!! arrrgghhhh!!! it makes me frustrated with myself but no where close to giving up! i tried many times to quit smoking cigs & finally one day it worked & it has been 2 yrs since i have had a cig!! i feel the same about food control & exercise.... i will keep starting over till i get it right & i KNOW i will get it!!! please Lord let it be soon!!! lol!!! i'm starting over again this yr & this could be the yr it all works out!! no pun intended!!! sooo many times i put sooo many things ahead of working on me & that is one of many flaws i have & am working on!! i hate that i weigh more now than when i started almost 3 yrs ago!!!! not to worry it's all good till we throw in the towel......and that just isn't my style!!! so here we go again!!! wheeeeeee!!! another ride trying to find my comfort zone in life!!! i love an adventure!!!! have a great day filled with success everyone!!! till nxt time...peace to u & urz!!

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5 years ago

thank u all for such wonderfu positive input!!! people like u r why this program worx!! xoxoxo




5 years ago

I experienced a re-gain too. I started at 287, worked my way to 186, then over about 18 months bounced up to 272. Sometimes life just gets in the way. You have an advantage here though. You have had success and know just what to do to duplicate that success. Plus, you can take the program that worked for you and tweak it, for even better / faster results this time. Good Luck!




5 years ago

I like your positive attitude! It's not easy but it sounds like you're in the right place to achieve success.

All the best on your journey,

CK Staff




5 years ago

I understand where you are coming from. It will happen and this life style change will happen!!!