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Wednesday, Feb 6 2013 - my own worst enemy..........

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go figure.....i worked 34 hours in 3 days aside from the 8 hours i spent driving, ate like crap, drank soda trying to keep going and i gained wgt!!! big surprise!!!! sometimes i hate the work involved in owning a sales company!! there is sooooo much work to keep everything fresh & exciting!! even though we are moving the company in 12 wks i completely redecorated & thoroughly cleaned all the stuff our cleaning company should but doesn't do! i was going to replace them but with only 12 wks left here y bother!! i even washed all the window, did new decorations, decortated the office for v-day!! wow!!!! i'm a fighter, i never quit on anything important to me & my fitness is important to me!!! i am not doing as i planned as far as logging, moving or anything rite now but the determination will triumph!!!!! i will keep logging & get better & better, i will keep coming back here till i get it rite & keep it there!!!! ok now i feel better thanx for listening all!!! :-)

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