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Saturday, Feb 23 2013 - truckin along........

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i'm struggling with my calories as always, ck says my stats have changed & obviously gaining back 50 lbs will do that to u!! :-( they say up my calories to 1900 but sorry i just say no! my dr said to me a long time ago (3 yrs) to stay btwn 1200 & 1500 at the MOST!!! i struggle with 1500 although i want to get to the 1200 mark with exercise. i have found that sweets are my by far biggest problem & so for the next month i will not have dessert. i normally have a lower cal dessert every night & from tonight on no dessert for a minimum of 30 days!! for the last 2 wks i have taken a small 1/4 mi walk each nite after dinner but thurdays ( it's the nite we work late). it is such a small step however it has made me feel sooo much better physically?? i have gone back to parking well away from the door EVERYWHERE i go! baby steps back but focused!! today a friend of mine posted the pic attached here & it went straight thru me but not in a bad way. much more of a mental vision of what i know but don't practice. i can't explain it really but it felt like an epiphany! lol!!! we'll see, it's not over till it's over!! :-) hope everyone has a really great w/e & every step, even the baby steps, are forward progress!! :-)

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5 years ago

that picture says it all my friend! i :love: it




5 years ago

No my friend, it's NOT over till it's over. I absolutely love the pic! You're not alone Nancey, we all have rough patches. Several of us on the thread did a 3 day challenge... just focusing on having 3 good days in a row with moving, logging, eating right and the basics. Sugar can really be a downfall for anyone as it triggers so much overeating of other stuff it seems. Glad you are breaking from it. It was good to see you briefly pop in on the thread. I'm with you on this and I think of you often girl. Hugs ~L