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Monday, Feb 25 2013 - i thought the fair was bad.........

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i had to add the pic of the funnel cake from yesterday then walked into work only to find treats from a co worker!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! chocolate covered oreo's with a reeses in btwn the cookie layers!! wth!!!! which of course i traded my nutrituous breakfast for!!!!! dam i need a walk!!!! gave the last of the 3 away!!! lol!!!! sorry amy but NO MORE TREATS!!!!!! sooo lost without my bike, had to send in for service & won't b ready till sometime this wk!!! my calorie burner!!! xoxoxo will have to b extra good this wk!!! love to all!!! xoxoxo

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5 years ago

There are some foods which are IMPOSSIBLE to resist. No mere mortal should be put to that kind of test. I feel your pain... Best, Cheryl55