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Saturday, Mar 16 2013 - well ...... i got on my bike today!!!

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had to start with a positive title, cuz other than that i'm positive i'm not working too hard on my wgt! i'm also positive of 2 other things...... 1) i'm not happy with how i feel in my body & 2) i will never quit trying to get this addiction under control! lol!! of one last thing on this subject i am absolutely POSITIVE of is that i will control this!!! if i start over 1,000+ times i will never never give up!! hahahaha!!! i'm a winner, i have always been a winner & i will continue to be a winner!!! there is no other reason that i have always been successful other than i will work my ass off harder than almost anyone else at everything i do & never give up till i AM successful!! there is no way to lose if that is how u persue your dreams & aspirtations.........all you have to do is make a plan of action & then chip away at it each & every day relentlessly till you reach what your aiming for!!! today i will stay within my cal's, i will walk after dinner & from today on i will again log religiously every single day!!!! i feel badly that i can not be of more inspiration to those of you looking for some, it's not generally my style but there are times we all struggle & we just do what we can to be honest & find a fix for our struggle!! right now i'm in fix mode!! i truly hope that each of you realize just even a single thing you did today that really made you feel good about you!! when all is said & done what ANY one else thinks of u is irrelevant.......what matters most is how you feel about you!!! no matter where you are in your journey, you are precious & perfect for your right now! we are all works in progress & for any one thing we need to work on we have 4 others that we r good strong in!!! celebrate you & ur struggles they build our character!! have a beautiful w/e all & much success to each of us!!! xoxox :-)

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