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Monday, Apr 15 2013 - eye opening

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well here i am heavier than i started 3 yrs ago :-( still i refuse to give up!! lol!! i jst won't throw in the towel! i have been overweight since i was still in single digits, age wise!!! i have soo many times lost OVER 100 lbs & here i am at almost 297!! i have been up to 326 & i really don't like my body right now at this wgt!! lol!! talk about an understatment......when i was 245 i was at least moving soooo much easier.....dam.....well everyday we have a chance to start over & today i will yet again start over. i have gr8 expectations & my first goal is to get to anything 280!! lol!!! sounds absurd but that's my first goal! have a wonderful wk all!! :-)

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5 years ago

I am in the same boat Turning 50 and want to be able to move again and ride a bike feel so trapped in this body but have lost twenty or more and walking 3 miles a day .. I'm in my sixth week and feeling fabulous taking it
Day by day pound by pound !! I wish you the best on your journey and hoping we can inspire each other !!! Take care and sending you nothing but positive energy you can do it again !!! Best Jazz



5 years ago

Ok my friend... I know you put everyone first! You need to put you towards the front of the list (if not all the way to the top of the list) I know you can do this! xoxoxoxo