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Saturday, Jun 15 2013 - i wanted to just not post it.....

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i started out wonderfully yesterday then ended up horribly :-) i took a bike ride for 30 min. for the first time in 10 wks, i took a walk all over a shopping plaza yesterday, one of those places that are blocks long where the average person would drive from one store to the other, i even took an evening short walk after dinner......ahhhhhhhhhhh that word!!!!!! dinner was horrible i fell apart with red lobster!!! i didn't really eat mayo & 4 cheddar bay biscuit but i had the pot pie & had to improvise for calories. i had the sweet chili shrimp which i had to improvise cal's also but after a lifetime of learning cal's if i was off at all it would be less not more but i really feel i'm right on there. the road to hell is paved with good intentions as they say!! i fought myself to post what i ate, i have been hiding from my battle on & off the last 3 yrs and i will not hide from the awful or the amazing truth any longer! as much as i hated to log what i ate i forced myself to do it and i'm thankful today that i did. you can't change what you don't face!!! i used to call this place my fat girl web site but i'm changing that today to my healthy girl website!! it's all about perception!!! :-) have a beautiful w/e all!! xoxoxoxo

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4 years ago

Proud of you for logging the good, the bad, and the delicious. You'll get there by being honest with yourself. :thumbu2: Karen