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Monday, Jun 17 2013 - yet another disaster dam it.......

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r u kidding me.....friday's another disaster.........ok mac & cheese bites i get it & i knew they were bad but thinking if i had some salmon & broccoli with potatoes i wd b ok. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha unbelievable then a piece of pie the size of almost nothing is 870 cal's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just can't eat out right now!!! today i will do well ALL DAM DAY!!!! :-) hope u do too!! :-)

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4 years ago

Oh those little bites... They will get ya every time... lol...
Eating out is hard, you think you are doing ok and poof one bad option messes up the plan.... Keep strong friend!




4 years ago

You can do this!! You and I are similar in age (I'm 57). I don't know what you've set for your calorie limits, but mine is 1200. I have put the kabosh on eating out. I know there are times when it is almost unavoidable, but if I can get out of it, I do. Eating out is scary to me, and I've only been at this for about 6 weeks. I'm doing well staying in cal limit and doing pretty well on exercise also. Sounds like you are getting in some great exercise, too. Good for you! Just remember who is in charge of your journey. That would be YOU! Keep being good to yourself. Like is said, I know you can do this!! :thumbu2: