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Thursday, Aug 15 2013 - still hanging in there.......

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well although bigger than when i started 3 yrs ago, it's no ones fault but my own.......still i refuse to quit!! i haven't been logging the last week or 2 however i have started walking again, i have been watching what i eat but if my whole focus all day every day is on food then i find myself thinking about food all day....as if i don't anyway! lol!! i'm trying a dif approach whereas i eat more in the earlier part of the day & not so much at night. it really seems that i'm not as hungry at night. i get home sooo late most nights that myself as well as anyone else should never sit down to dinner at 8 or 9 pm! so i'm working on a program and with in the next 10 days i will be logging again! thanks to those who've never given up on me! i love each of you & sincerely appreciate the fact that ur still hanging in with me!! xoxoxoxoxoxo if it weren't for each of you at one point or another i wd have a much much harder road to travel!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

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They say eatting your biggest meal for lunch is best. I know some guys at the gym do this and their biggest meals are probably yours and mine put together LOL....
Stay happy and focused. xoxo