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Saturday, Feb 22 2014 - God bless us all......

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a gr8 day off to do my lllloooonnnnnggggg overdue nails both hands and feet!! :-) then eye exam followed by getting to do some lllllooooonnnnnggggg overdue finishing of Christmas ...... yes i sd Christmas decoration packing up! lol! btwn traveling and the surgery and the boot afterwards haven't gotten all of it off the patio! lol! also gotta pack up all the winter clothing from the ski trip! wow!! some cal's should go there! :-) struggling with the cals but much better than the last 2 months so i wont beat myself up today! then when evening falls and i get a chance to stop i vowed this w/e that i would read up on and set up the beautiful polaris heart rate monitor, cal burn counter, pedometer all in one (i hate to say it but want it off my chest) that rob got me for Christmas 2012!!!!!! ahhhhhhhh!!!! there i sd it!!!! aaaahhhhhh!!!! wore the clip on but by the time i got the polaris i was on a down hill slide with the weight and it is like starting a new cell phone the directions are a small book!!! hahaha!! (maybe slight exageration) it's not just throw on the wrist and go type gizmo! lol!!! but it WILL be set this w/e!!! have a beautiful day filled with loving urself!! ttys!

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