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Sunday, Mar 23 2014 - yea me!!!

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i've been doing exactly as my coach requested, i've eaten perfectly and i have done the 1 hr a day on the treadmill all but one day, today i was just plain tired, my muscles were tired not sore but just fatigued. we had some running around to do at a couple stores and when i got home i was thinking nap time. that's exactly what i did after a late lunch and a show i took a nap at 4:30 in the recliner. i awakened just in time for a protien shake and totally got right up and went to the treadmill!! wow!!! i sd i turned the wgt problem over to God to carry me through and believe me when i tell you that was a miracle!!!! lol!! serioiusly out of my normal behavior!! then to top it off it wasn't even that hard as i thought it might be considering how i had felt after a long tour of home depot and walmart!! lol!! i'm really happy with myself and although i haven't weighed myself since seeing the coach i'm excited for wednesday to come for weigh in!! hope each of you are finding your way. something different works for each of us however as long as we're in the fight we're winning!!!! every step is a step closer!!! we can do this!!! xoxox sweet dreams all!! :-)

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4 years ago

WAY TO GO GIRL! :) :) :)




4 years ago

Awesome job... Keep it going girl....




4 years ago

You're awesome Nancey! :kiss: