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Monday, Mar 31 2014 - traveling weekend

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wow!! love the meal plan the fitness coach gave me! i was away all w/e and no matter where we went out to eat it was very very easy to eat right!! the vodka wasn't on the plan but i'm not worried. a few times a yr is all i drink so when those times come they come!! lol!!! couldn't exercise the first 2 days of the trip but by saturday i was back on the hour a day and the funny thing was i used my boyfriends sisters treadclimber which doesn't go to the flat position and i still made the hour even with the slight incline!!!! no soreness the next day which was sunday and was right back on my treadmill by then!!! i'm really happy how simple this plan is and by logging everyday i can make sure my cal counts are right on!!! the coach made no adjustments to my food or exercise this past visit and i don't know when he will but right now it's simple, easy and i'm rarely hungry, even when i am a drink of water fixes that! lol!! the hour on the treadmill may sound like alot but it truly isn't even at my size!! i haven't had a single sore day, which makes it so much easier the next night to get on the thing!! lol!! i count down by quarters, the first quarter i'm saying darn it, then i'm 1/3 of the way at 20 min and almost to half way after that then, halfway, then 2/3 at the 40 min mark, off to 3/4 of the way at 45 and then the last 15 my finish! lol! when i watch my way through it with that thought pattern it seems to go right by!!! i hope everyone this week is right on your stride!!! attitude is everything!! if God is for you not even a food addiction can stop u..... trust me i know!!!! after i turned this lifelong problem over to God and asked for help everything has turned around, i was lead to the coach and i have been able to stay on track, so if you believe look up and just hand it over to God!!! he will lead, carry and comfort you through your journey!!!! have a wonderful week everyone!!! xoxoxoxo :-)

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4 years ago

It sounds like you found the right coach. I'm so happy its falling into place for you. :thumbu2:




4 years ago

On the bad days when I feel I just can't do it. I say oh just do 15 min. Then when I get to 15 I make it seem silly to stop and keep adding on to my time. I think I'm tricking myself, but I am really not... lol...




4 years ago

When I'm on my elliptical I count the songs instead of minutes. My workouts are usually about 8 songs long, and they fly by faster than minutes do! lol