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Thursday, Apr 10 2014 - 2nd trip to the trainer

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well i couldn't be happier with the first 4 wks with dave the trainer! i lost 20 lbs of fat, gained 5 lbs of muscle for a total wgt loss of 15 lbs for the month! i haven't eaten a single sweet other than the sugar free popsicles the plan includes which is HUGE for me!! i have even done the full hr on the treadmill 20 out of 28 days!! in addition to all that i have been forcing myself to give up my recliner half sleeping time at night in favor of getting my tail into bed and getting 6.5 hrs sleep a night rather than 5.5 hrs a night!! lol!!! it's been a good journey this month :-) this is such an unconventional method of eating to me but it seems to really work. the trainer made a comment to me that really struck me, he said if you train your body to eat 1,000 or 1,200 calories a day to get where you want to be, what do you think happens when you reach your goal and begin eating the approx 2,000 cal's a day it takes the average woman's body just to live each day? things that make me say hmmmmmmm! this program seems to work more on your total weekly intake of cal's rather than a set # of cal's everyday?! everyday you eat one of three cal counts that his plan includes and when i added all the days cal's up and divided by 7 days in a wk it averages out to 1,500 cal's a day before any exercise. this has been very do-able for me however when i tried to eat the same 1500 cal's everyday i struggled???? some days i can even eat things i'v always loved but i had long ago given up to try to keep my wgt down??!!! (bacon, steak, real mayonnaise, real cheese, real eggs, ham, real butter, hollandaise sauce ) i guess that's why something different works for everyone!! i may have actually found what works for me!! :-) i hope each of you never tire of trying till you have your found your answer and your goal!!! this is a life long journey and everyday is a new chance for us to work on our goals both here and everywhere in life!!! happy day to u and keep on keeping on!!! :-)

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4 years ago

Fantastic Job! Keep shaking things up.




4 years ago

Woot Woot....




4 years ago

Fabulous news!!! :)




4 years ago

:clap: Nancey, I couldn't be happier for you. :kiss:




4 years ago

Way to go! :clap: