FLORIDATREASURE's May 2014 CalorieKing Blog

yea!!!! it's working!!

Wednesday, May 21st 2014

i saw the nutrition coach today and am down 6.8 lbs!!!! whooo hoooo!!!! that's a total of 23.4 lbs in the last 8 wks!! whooo hoooo!!!!! guess last visit was due to all the meds and swelling etc from the surgery!!! all that without the ability to exercise the past 3 1/2 wks!!! i'm anxious to see how i do when i can get back on the treadmill!!! this surgery has been horrible and very painful as for the recovery!! hate the meds and hate having one hand i can use however on the bright side i made a ...

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crazy stuff???

Thursday, May 8th 2014

ok i gained 2.6 lbs this time around and i have eaten perfectly??? i think the coach thought i wasn't being honest about my food but i was!!! i have been in a chair for close to two weeks taking pain meds and only working a few hrs a wk since my rotator cuff surgery but i have eaten perfectly even on the day of my surgery??? i cant' imagine how i wd have gained???? i have been a little "backed up" from all the pain meds but that's about over after today so that may have contributed but...

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