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Thursday, May 8 2014 - crazy stuff???

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ok i gained 2.6 lbs this time around and i have eaten perfectly??? i think the coach thought i wasn't being honest about my food but i was!!! i have been in a chair for close to two weeks taking pain meds and only working a few hrs a wk since my rotator cuff surgery but i have eaten perfectly even on the day of my surgery??? i cant' imagine how i wd have gained???? i have been a little "backed up" from all the pain meds but that's about over after today so that may have contributed but still close to 3 lbs???? now i got on my scale today after alleviating that problem and it says 306.2?? but coaches yesterday was 311?? rather than get frustrated i will continue with what i've been doing and see how the next 2 wks work out! the coach told me initially that even without exercise i wd lose weight if i ate according to his plan so we will see!! hope everyone is logging and losing!! i haven't been logging because i eat the same thing everyday of the week within the 3 meal plans a week i have been eating on! lol!! i may eat a different flavor cereal or a dif meat but all same portions and cal's for the day so no need to log!! hahaha!! wish me luck guys!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

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10 months ago

You need time to let yourself heal. You are doing great with food and it will show...
Feel better and deep breaths....




10 months ago

You will do great. You just had surgery, your body is healing. You need to be kind to yourself. I am sure during the healing process you are experiencing inflammation too. Pain meds can mess with your body too.

Don't let the scale control you like that. YOu have the control:)