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still moving down, yea!!!!

Thursday, July 17th 2014

well i'm now 286.4 in the last 18 wks i have lost 49.4 lbs of fat, gained 7.1 lbs of muscle and have an overall loss of 42.4 lbs!! i feel amazing!!! wow!! i'm finally figuring out to some extent how this program works and i'm still loving it!!! my coach and surgeon are thrilled with my progress and told me i will b a posterchild for his program!! hahaha!!! i've been blessed enough to be pain free enough to do my treadmill work out and all is good!! so thankful to feel sooo much better!! i was wo...

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Saturday, July 5th 2014

well i have been trying to post again so i can share what is working for me. wed. this wk was not a typical day, about every 2 months i take a day to eat what i want and wed was that day! :-) still in all i'm down in the 280's by the skin of my teeth but none the less in the 280's which pleases me and today went back to the treadmill 1 hr to find that i should have no more shoulder problems or should i say at least not enough pain to keep me from doing that hour on a regular! :-) hope everyone i...

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