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Friday, Aug 1 2014 - learned how to eat off plan if i must........

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i only lost a lb and a half this past 2 wks and i'm good with that!! lol!! i didn't say i was happy but i am good with it. my health and fitness coach has been trying for the last 5 months to get me to change the way i think about food and the light finally came on a few wks ago!! he says no "reckless" eating?? i have always taken cheat days when dieting, not frequently but very few people "never" eat the foods that they like but know aren't good for them. my meal plan "never" includes (pasta with cheese sauce, cupcakes or cake or cookies or any sugar or honey........) there are foods that i wanted to find a way to eat sometimes. i'm not ignorant enough to think i will "never" eat a cupcake, pasta with cheese sauce or a burger on a bun again but i am smart enough to know these are not regular food choices for me if i am to get fit and healthy. the way we eat is very specific as far as foods that can be eaten on certain days and not eaten in conjunction with each other, that has worked very well for me. this past 2 wks was a good indicator for me as i celebrated my daughters birthday with homemade nutella cupcakes with a lindt truffle in the middle and nutella buttercream icing!! oh my!! it was delicious, then our family came in from outta town and it was my sister in laws birthday w/e!! i had pan fried fish and pineapple upside down cake and then the last day i had buffet breakfast (sausage gravy and biscuit, honey bun, 2 sausage, 1 bacon) holy kamoly!!! lol!! but the days i chose to eat this variety of things was only on days i could. i ate poorly only a single meal, not the whole day!! that is what the coach has been trying to teach me!!! there are no "cheat" days as i call them, he calls them "reckless" eating days!! i can eat anything i really can't live without ON OCCASION but there are better days to eat certain foods than others. this wk i had 3 days where i didn't eat properly every meal however i still lost!!!! i was sooo happy!!! i'm actually starting to figure this out i think!!! now to live it forever!!!! :-)
i truly hope as each of u travel your journey here you keep searching till u find what works for you!! i have learned for me and i can only speak for me, it's not strictly cal's in and cal's out, the coach gave us a plan that regulates blood sugars and reduces cravings and the feeling of starving(even on low cal days)!! i've been searching literally for 40 yrs to find a program i can live with for life!! they are out there everyone and every one of us do best on a plan suited for us, each of us needing something the same (wgt loss) and something different (what works best for us) but we're all still a work in progress!! that is our blessing we are all still here and trying!! i love ck and i still log and chat and support and will for yrs to come in hopes of maybe giving someone else a ray of hope!! our wgt is jst one of life's obstacles to overcome and WE CAN DO IT!!!!!! :-) God bless you each and every one of u!!! :-)

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3 years ago

i don't do cheat days - I might have splurge items here and there but never an entire meal and definitely never an entire day. For example, our employee dining room does a special once a month. So last Friday I treated myself to fried chicken - I ate one piece for lunch and a second smaller piece I took home for dinner. They also had cheesecake which I had about 1/3 of. I was still within my calorie target for the day although a bit high on fat. I have given up nothing. My mantra is basically you can have everything - just not everything all the time!




3 years ago

Loved your post! You go girl! I feel the excitement and share it...I'm finding my way too and it feels great!

Keep up the good work! :thumbu2::clap: