i guess we all have a similar story.......at least alot of us......yrs of trying to get off excess wgt be it 20 lbs or 200 lbs!!! trying diet after diet & being successful only to gain it all back as soon as i was "done" and usually a little more to boot!! through out my life i have lost well over 500 lbs. i spent yrs saying "this is me if anyone doesn't like it too bad" " i have personality" "not eveyone was made to be skinny" ect ect ect. don't believe i lost that much .... u should cuz sadly... Read more

learned how to eat off plan if i must........

Friday, August 1st 2014

i only lost a lb and a half this past 2 wks and i'm good with that!! lol!! i didn't say i was happy but i am good with it. my health and fitness coach has been trying for the last 5 months to get me to change the way i think about food and the light finally came on a few wks ago!! he says no "reckless" eating?? i have always taken cheat days when dieting, not frequently but very few people "never" eat the foods that they like but know aren't good for them. my meal plan "...

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still moving down, yea!!!!

Thursday, July 17th 2014

well i'm now 286.4 in the last 18 wks i have lost 49.4 lbs of fat, gained 7.1 lbs of muscle and have an overall loss of 42.4 lbs!! i feel amazing!!! wow!! i'm finally figuring out to some extent how this program works and i'm still loving it!!! my coach and surgeon are thrilled with my progress and told me i will b a posterchild for his program!! hahaha!!! i've been blessed enough to be pain free enough to do my treadmill work out and all is good!! so thankful to feel sooo much better!! i was wo...

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Saturday, July 5th 2014

well i have been trying to post again so i can share what is working for me. wed. this wk was not a typical day, about every 2 months i take a day to eat what i want and wed was that day! :-) still in all i'm down in the 280's by the skin of my teeth but none the less in the 280's which pleases me and today went back to the treadmill 1 hr to find that i should have no more shoulder problems or should i say at least not enough pain to keep me from doing that hour on a regular! :-) hope everyone i...

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i love this eating plan!!

Thursday, June 26th 2014

the coach i see about fitness and nutrition gave me this plan and it is REALLY working!! i have given this the true test and over 90+days! with 2 surgery's this yr i have not been able to keep any kind of exercise routine so it's about non-existent for me for maybe another wk or 2 at most according to pt specialist. i haven't been posting as i stated before he only gave me 3 meal plans for each week and they don't change at this point any way. 1. hi cal hi fat days-2,500 calories (2 a wk), 2. eq...

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saw the coach today!

Monday, June 16th 2014

whoo hooo!! rotator cuff surgery is moving right along although i am still unable to do the 1 hr a day on the treadmill i should be back at it in no longer than 11 days!! i was still able to lose another 3.8 lbs this wk and i went in 2 days earlier than normal so i was very happy! the coach said "u must have the food down now" "u must eat precisely" i was very happy to say i do!! he sd he can tell from the fact that i'm still losing consistently with no exercise! one day at a...

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