GLENNBR's Dec 2003 CalorieKing Blog

Wednesday, December 31st 2003

Had an unexpected treat today. I had to go into work an hour early (Yuck!) and normally I would use that as an excuse not to bike in so I could veg on the El (The chicago name for the subway/rapid transit train) or bus. However, last night I decided that I was going to bite the bullet and bike in. What I got in trade was a ride in with a view of the sun rising over the lake and the clouds spreading a gorgeous red hue over the whole skyline of the city. This has been a week of great rides so far...

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Tuesday, December 30th 2003


I have been on this for a couple of weeks and have learned quite a bit about what I am eating and where my calories are really going. It truly is amazing how much you really can eat if you stay away from crap.

My initial goal (meaning the first couple weeks) is being more aware of what I eat and the calorie costs involved. I really like this website because it 's the first that I have seen that really has an exhaustive food database. We have alot of choices here in chicago. A lot...

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