GLENNBR's Jan 2004 CalorieKing Blog

Friday, January 16th 2004

Trying to keep my head above water today. I actually had a check in and am down 2 lbs but that doesnt seem to matter. I work for Bank One and they are merging JP Morgan. It doesnt look good for my career prospects here. Yuck!

Sunday, January 11th 2004

The Mass Transit Odyssey Part II

Most of you intrepid readers remember my discussion of my problems with flat bike tires, bums and drunk frat boys in my previous journal entry. Well it did not stop there.

I needed to be at work at 8:00 AM on saturday (Yuck) and so I woke up at 6:30 and was right on time. I stopped for a cup of Joe at starbucks and made my way to the red line El. This train basically runs from the far north to the far south of Chicago on the east side of the city. I...

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Friday, January 9th 2004

Got my first drop in weight on my check-in this week! It's only one lb. but I'll take it!

PM Entry:

OK, So this is my story for this fine evening. I had to work late and it ended up going very late (about 9:00 P.M).

I walk to my bike to find that my front tire is flat! I decide to walk 5 blocks to the express bus that drops me off almost in front of my house. I get there and call the CTA only to find out that it left for the last time 10 minutes ago.

So I walk another 3 bloc...

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Thursday, January 8th 2004

Been working through week 2 of CK University and am debating the "what's my motivation" question. It's kind of strange because I am not completely sure what it is. I see it mainly circling around health issues. My dad died at 53. He died of hodgkins disease but he basically died because his obesity sent him into diabetes and heart trouble which made the doctors unable to really take any drastic measures to deal with his cancer when he finally had the reccurance that killed him.


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Wednesday, January 7th 2004

OK Another bad food day. But I am willing to accept this one because it involved going out for dinner with a buddy I have not seen in months and probably will not see again for over a year.

No Biking today. but got a ski mask to handle biking tomorrow. lets pick it up again!