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Thursday, September 13th 2007

Happy Birthday Richard "Jaws" Kiel 68 today!

18 Sun Salutations!

Wednesday, September 12th 2007

In preparation for a full Yoga Mala (108 Sun Salutations) that some folks (not me yet) will be doing over the next couple days we went through 18 sun salutations in Yoga class today. This happens whenever they hold something like this (usually the fall and spring equinox).

Last time, around 6 months ago, we did this I was on the ground in childs pose hyperventilating after five of them.

This time, I was around half way through and realized that I was going to be able to do the whole...

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Fear and its Consequences

Tuesday, September 11th 2007

On this 6th anniversary of 9/11 I give you a quote from Michelle Obama which pretty much sums up my feelings:

I am tired of living in a country where every decision that we have made over the last ten years wasn't for something, but it was because people told us we had to fear something. We had to fear people who looked different from us, fear people who believed in things that were different from us; fear of one another right here in our own back yards - I am so tired of fear and I don't w...

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Monday, September 10th 2007

Down another pound and a half this week which was encouraging. based on my weigh-ins throughout the week I was kind of expecting to plateau. I really had done no cardio to speak of until saturday. That will change this week when I start biking to work.

Had a very busy weekend! Saturday, a friend and I went to a relatively staid barack obama party that we ended up ducking out of fairly early.

From there it was to the movies. We saw a very interesting, albeit sad, documentary called &q...

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Friday, September 7th 2007

What I'm happy about:
- 14 lbs lost in the past month (!)
- Got Sage TV going which is basically a free tivo that runs on your PC and brodcasts to your TV
What I'm Struggling with:
- Plantar Fasciitis that wont go away! :bang::bang::bang:

What I'm reading:
Just started reading "At Canaans Edge" the third and final volume of Taylor Branch's history of the Civil Rights Movement called "America in the King Years". The first 2 volumes - "Parting the Waters"...

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