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Tuesday, Sep 9 2008

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Weight: 285.5
Blood Glucose: 128.
Today's Celebrity Birthday: Adam "I love you reeeeeed Sweeat Shirt!" Sandler

Its been a bizarre few weeks. My mom hurt her knee and went to the ER. She, oddly enough, ended up in the hospital for over a week with pernicious anemia.

My mom ended up going home with her twin sister and her husband. less than a week later my uncle (who my mom was staying with) dropped dead at 1:00 in the morning while letting the dog out. He WAS a heart transplant patient who has dealt with all sorts of issues related to it for a while but, nevertheless, this was a HUGE surprise.

The funeral was going to be on labor day. During the weekend before that, I get a call from my cousin (who's father died). He told me that I needed to come up and confront my mom with the fact that she couldn't expect my aunt to wait on her hand and foot any longer. He then told me stories about my moms deteriorating condition over the past several months that no one had related to me or my brother. I won't go into them here but, suffice it to say, her health and ability to take care of herself has seriously declined over the past 9 months.

Let me give you a picture of my mom. She is 64 years old which isn't terribly old but she has huge health issues. For starters she is about a foot shorter than I am and weights at least 100 lbs more than I do (quite possibly 200 lbs). She has had problems with one knee for several years and has had to get around using a walker in the house and a scooter for any distance at all. The injury that sent her into the hospital was with the other knee. She has been a diabetic in denial for many years.

Apparently when she first was driven to my Aunts house after leaving the hospital she saw the single step getting into the house and had a panic attack. That weekend the sisters (except my mom) were going to go to church and my mom told the youngest sister she needed to stay with her "because I can't be left alone for an hour and a half."

To make matters worse, she was diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy in the eyes a few weeks before the hospital stint. She went in for her first laser treatment early last week. And as if this whole thing weren't enough, in what appears to have been an incident unrelated to the laser treatment, she woke up Saturday morning and couldn't see out of the eye she had the treatment on. Apparently this was due to a very serious condition called temporal arterisis which they are now treating with steroids (which of course sends her blood glucose through the ceiling).

This now leaves us with the question of what to do about mom. I live 2 hours from her. My brother is closer but the fact is, I think she needs some more professional care than we can provide. We are beginning to look into assisted living facilities.

Well I will stop here because I am writing way to much for being at work :)

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9 years ago

This is a very tough situation. Sorry to read this. Take care of yourself, you are doing great.