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Wednesday, Sep 10 2008

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Todays Celebrity Birthday: Colin "I really don't have a joke to go here" Firth

Well we had some slightly positive news about my mom. The eye condition that caused her blindness in one of her eyes is not Temporal Arteritis which is an inflammation of the arteries in the temple. Apparently it can lead to strokes or even death. so thats the good news. the bad news is that temporal arteritis IS somewhat treatable whereas their new diagnosis (a blood clot to the retinal artery) basically means she is going to be permanently blind in that eye.

Had a nice evening last night. My wife and I have decided that tuesdays are going to be "no TV, no Computer Night" so we basically just hung out and talked and had a great time even without the boob tube.

We are starting to get organic vegetables from a community supported agriculture group and we made dinner last night with a bunch of them. A 3/4 bushel box of veggies every week for two people is a bit overwhelming but we are trying to make a dent in it. I think that I can pinpoint the beginning of my weight loss last year with the start of our vegetable shipments. We just eat much more healthy when we know we have to get through them or have moldy lettuce in the cooler in a week or so :)

In other news, I am constantly finding myself on pins and needles about this election. I have been a huge obama supporter not just during the presidential election but during his senate race too (I'm from Illinois) and I just think my emotional connection to this has gotten me a little wound up. Trying to figure out ways to think about other things than just the election.

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9 years ago

You're not the only one getting wound up about the election. I keep finding myself wanting to yell at Obama, "C'mon! C'mon! Don't let it all slip away." This false "Palin Bubble" has GOT to burst soon, right? Part of me just wishes it was over, either way. And I ALMOST meant that sincerely! :D I'm glad things are going better for your mom -- that has to be tough to deal with.