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Saturday, Feb 9 2013 - First Big Snow of 2013

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So the kids are out playing, Nic is shoveling, and I am inside. I tried shoveling for about half an hour and had to come in. Dizzy, out of breath, and shaking from feeling weak. I know it is sexist, but I should be the one doing the physical stuff, and Nic doing the sweet mommy nurturing stuff. I wish I could do more. I use to. Hopefully I will be able to again. That I can't right now, annoys me.

I've lost 30 lbs since November 2012, at about 4 lbs a week. Over the past two weeks, it has slowed to 1 lb a week. My eating is slowly returning to what it was. And that annoys me. I have to get back on track and refocus.

I met with my dietician, and she is nice. But she is giving me opposite advice, in some regards, to the book I read. But then she said, what I am doing is working, so keep it up. I'm confused, and just annoyed with myself and my situation. Since I met with her, my progress, while steady, has slowed from - like I said - 4 lbs a week to 1 lb a week. Maybe I'm just hitting a plateau that I have heard lots of people talk about. I have to keep positive.

I also have to start exercising - lifting weights, to rebuild muscle I am sure I am loosing. Maybe that will take me out of the plateau. And muscle burns more calories, so that may help jump start my weight loss again. Now to find the time.

I love Nic. I want her to have me for a long time, and don't want to stress her out. And she really tries to help and be supportive. I love her for that.

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