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Sunday, Mar 10 2013 - Oh them slow days

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So I'm down right now. For the past 2 weeks, I haven't been keeping track of stuff, eating like I use to, completely not focused. Nic has been in and out of the emergency room. She's worried. Am I eating to reflect that? Oh poor me?

I know some of the times I only could get what I could get because of where I was, but other times - like last night - a whole pint of cookie dough ice cream could have been avoided. So today was glucerna and big salad for dinner. Nic and the kids had a frozen pepperoni pizza. I snagged two slices. I really shouldn't have. But it looked so yummy. And was so yummy.

At least overall my weight over the past couple of weeks only went up like a pound. I'm thankful I didn't screw myself up more than that. So refocused, heading forward and not looking back I hope to be in the 220s by April vacation. And dare I say 200 or just a pound below by summer vacation? Don't know.

Like I started this with, feeling down. Don't know why. But I have a great wife, 3 wonderful kids. I should be more thankful.

Oh and can I say I hate Easter only because they bring out the Reeces Peanut Butter Cup Eggs!!!!!

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