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Monday, Oct 7 2013 - Rough Start But Trying Hard!!

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Having a hard time starting but keeping at it. I keep trying to do the right thing, eat right, and well exercising is.... just difficult for me. I drive an hour each way to work, then work a 10 hour day, so I'm tired when I get home. Due to the long day, makes it difficult to cook a healthy meal.

So since I don't want to make excuses, I developed a plan to cook healthy meals and prepare lunches on the weekends when I do have time. Dave, my fiance, has agreed to help me and he's also going to do this with me! I was so excited! We plan on going grocery shopping and buy lots of veggies and healthy snacks, like nuts, to help me subside my horrific cravings! Since I have been cutting out soda since last year, that was super easy to cut out completely. I only drink milk, iced tea (with minimal sugar) and lots and lots of water. So I've made some minor changes and to me that is a huge step forward!

Got my doctor involved with this so she can track my progress. Told all my family that I was doing this and got over whelming support! I figure the more I tell, the more they will help me along the way.

I've got plans to walk my doggies when I get home after dinner, no matter what! They love to go for a walk and it will provide me some fun company too.

I really like this blog idea to help me track how I'm feeling. Thanks for the responses, that has helped as well. Have a blessed day!:thumbu2:

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4 years ago

Building your support system - that's a great start! Karen