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Friday, Oct 11 2013 - DANG!!!!!

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OMG! I couldn't stop eating last night. I WAS STARVING! I kept trying to at least keep my eating choices healthy but OMG, I was crazy hungry. COMPLETELY DESTROYED MY CALORIE TARGET!!!! :angry2: Going from eating 4,000 calories a day down to 1,500 is super hard. :cry3: So my friend suggested, set your goals to eat less in increments until I get down to the 1,500, a little at a time, so I don't feel like I'm starving. Shrink that stomach slowly until I won't feel like I'm starving when I eat less. Totally going to try that. The sugar cravings are going way though, so I'm so happy about that! Those were the worst!

I did have yet another doctor's appointment yesterday, and it was good again. So no more for a month. YEAH!! Making progress, just frustrating. Still overall very proud of myself of where I'm at. I really like how I'm feeling, so that is what is keep me on here! Oh and I love the suggestions, comments and positive messages that I've been getting. So thank you very much ladies! I appreciate all of you! =D

Have a great day!!!:wave1:

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4 years ago

Hi Karen,

Thanks so much for your comments on my blog. About hunger - it really needs to be dealt with. Try increasing the protein and good fats (avocados, nuts, etc.). Also I agree with your friend - doesn't make much sense to drop too quickly to 1500 cals per day. The body is a sensitive machine and needs to be eased into accepting less (otherwise it thinks you're trying to starve it :afraid4: - Sounds like you're doing wonderfully. Best, Cheryl55