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Monday, Oct 28 2013 - I'm Back

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I was off for a couple of weeks due to some emergency family situations. On 10/17 my son was in a major car accident. His car was completely totaled but he walked away, amazingly. He did break his finger, and had a lot of bruises and scrapes but all in all, he is ok. On the same day, while my and son and I were waiting at the doctor's office for him to be seen, his wife called and said their 7 mo old was being rushed to Seattle Children's Hospital in respiratory failure. All this happened within a couple of hours within each other. I had to watch the other 2 while Mom was at the hospital with baby, and my son was too beat up from the accident to watch the other 2. Had a hard time keep track of them, let alone my calorie counting.

I'm glad to report, that baby is healthy, and everyone is back in a normal routine now. So now I can get back to keeping track of my calories. So today, again, totally blew my calorie limit but :bang: still under by 1000 calories which is what I used to eat a month ago :). So still progress, but I need to work on changing some things some more. Overall, I've been cutting out a lot bad things, just need to keep doing more.

Still struggling with getting exercise into my routine, so thinking about taking the dogs for a short walk up to the corner and back and see if I can at least do that every evening. Set that as a goal and then see if I can add in a morning walk before, again, only up the corner and back and see I can make this consistent. Once I can do that, I can start adding time for the walk.

So I have some little goals. As soon as I'm done here, I'm gonna set up my exercise calendar and set up some new goals for walking.:)

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4 years ago

Little goals (i.e., walking the dogs) are exactly how you get your momentum going! How's it going?