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Wednesday, Nov 6 2013 - Frustrated

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So haven't been tracking again, more happened that seemed to sabotage myself once again. I have shingles of all things and very bad case of it. I hurt so much, and I have to take these horse pills 5 times a day with food. And to make matters even worse, while I was at the Dr.s office, I weighted in at 228! :cry4: Because I haven't been grocery shopping, don't have any good, healthy food to eat. Been eating my son's & his family's food which is horrible for me. The day I found out I had shingles, my husband gets in a car accident. Trying to keep a positive attitude but it's hard. The last 3 weeks have been extremely rough both emotionally and financially. I'm still trying to eat healthy but my body is just completely craving the bad food. With no energy, being sleep deprived and hurting, I gave up for several days. So today, I'm going to restart (yet again). I have to do this for myself. Major set backs can only mean major accomplishments later, right? A friend of mine told me that, so that's my story and I'm sticking to it. LOL Well that's what I'm telling myself anyways. So back at it again, and hoping something sticks permanently so I can lose this stupid weight!!!! :scream2:

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