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Tuesday, Jun 10 2014 - Starting Again

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:hi: Well, my life is certainly interesting. Due to family circumstances, I was off my diet for many months. I was helping my cousin take care of a dying uncle, who died on 05/27/14. I was driving back and forth to Spokane from Auburn, almost every weekend, wasn't getting enough sleep and fell behind at work. Good news is, I'm caught up on sleep, getting things done and caught up and I'm going to start again. Husband is on board because his doctor told him he needed to lose weight as well, so I have a dieting partner. I also signed up for a cooking website to help me know what I'm putting in my food while I cook. This will really help me pre-plan the week with calorie, carb, fat and sugar intake. My diabetes doctor is helping me as well, as he gave me an insulin that is also a diuretic. I already drink lots of water and iced tea, so that area I have concurred!

I haven't been sick since I had the shingles in November, thank God, so I think my life is calming down enough for me to concentrate on me! So looking for lots of positive prayers for that to happen.

God Bless and have a great day!

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