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Tuesday, Jul 22 2014 - SURPRISE!!!

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Dave ended up in the hospital last Monday and was released on Wednesday. He ended up with cellulitis (basically a skin bacteria infection) that was very serious. I was so worried about him, which is why I didn't record all week. But I know that I was eating fairly good, drinking lots of water. My daughter got deprived of time because of Dave being hospitalized. However she was very understanding.

So the surprise part! Dave had a follow up appointment this morning and I asked if I could weight myself and the nurse was like oh yeah, no problem. I weighted 231!!!! 231 people! I was so fricken' excited I started dancing around in the Dr. office, and the nurses were like "Good for you!" :clap: That means my scale at home has got to be way off, so now I need to buy a new scale. I wasn't eating much last week and I was walking everywhere, I know I lost weight, just don't know how much now because of the scale being off. My clothes are loser so that's how I'm basing I lost some weight on.

So talk about motivation, seeing that number was just amazing! Definitely keeps me going. :cool6: So because of the total hospital situation, my diet plan for last week was totally gone, so I'm picking it back up this week, and I'm back to recording as well.

HW - 310
GW - 120

Week #1 - 248
Week #2 - 246 (Down 2 lbs!!)
Week #3 - 231 (Down 15 lbs!!!)

So now my new goal is to get 9 lbs off, to be where I was when I joined again in October 2013. I'm so excited! :teeth1:

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3 years ago

That is AWESOME! You are doing great! :rock1::rock1::rock1::clap::clap: