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Thursday, April 29th 2004

I've had a good day - despite the small fluttery anxiety that's been hovering around my chest. I wonder if this feeling is what used to prompt my anxiety attacks and used to make me need a cigarette and a drink. And what is also interesting is that I didn't work out today - I wonder if these things are related.

I didn't work out today because I didn't have to go to work early and decided to sleep in with S. We made ahem....edited... So, I was happy not to work out. I could have though, aft...

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Wednesday, April 28th 2004

I did write back to A, and the message was much as recorded in the last entry. I did add this:

"Spring here is so lovely – everything is green and fresh. My tulips are coming up after all, despite most of their friends being eaten by the squirrels. I still have such vivid memories of spring at Mac – that’s when I remember spring being so very…spring-like with spring fevers and impatience and celebrations. Our deck is finished and it’s just wonderful – we’re going to grill out o...

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Saturday, April 24th 2004

Today started out nicely – beautiful weather , sun shining, and making love (twice!) after waking up. It’s evening now and dreary, unfortunately. It’s supposed to be rainy the rest of the weekend, which is too bad with S’s brother coming into town tomorrow. I’ve spent the day cleaning and putsing. I went shopping and got a pretty blue chenille throw for the blue room bed. I did about 800 loads of laundry to get the cat hair off everything. I hope D isn’t allergic to cats.

Speaking of,...

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Sunday, April 18th 2004

I have had a great weekend over all. It didn’t look like it would go that direction. Friday didn’t start out very well at. Beginning with getting my car, steadily over the course of my drive in to work, I became irate. Incoherently angry. Furious and livid. Everything seems directed at frustrating me, personally. Other drivers, the status shock from the vehicle. A page from another PC. This is what I wrote in the CK Mental Health and Well Being forum:

I am SO angry today. I'm furious. I'...

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