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Monday, May 24th 2004

There is so much to write about. I don't know where to start, and I may not be able to write for any length of time until tomorrow evening. In the meantime - I am in a whirlwind of what I call anxiety attacks - I don't think that is the correct terminology, but it is what I call them. They are more like periods of intense sadness and despair usually prompted by social interactions/situations - there is anxiety in there too. I had several this weekend and am frustrated, tired, and angry at their ...

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Thursday, May 20th 2004

Wow - off to Memphis tomorrow - I'm excited. I have heard from A and M that neither will be able to be there, which is disapointing, but I am looking forward to seeing MS. I went shopping this week and got some great outfits - only bottoms, though, since there's no point in getting new shirts with the breast reduction surgery coming. I posted at CK about the size 6's, which is just SO MUCH FUN, but I even had a fluke 4 in there - a skirt. I'm sure it is a fluke, but a fun one, nonetheless.


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Tuesday, May 18th 2004

I am so restless today – am having a very hard time buckling down at work. There isn’t a whole lot to be done today, so I should be catching up with the ongoing to do list. I just can’t focus this morning. I remember a biology teacher in 9th grade who told me that busy people get stuff done. His point was that people who are busier often get more done than those who aren’t because they have to manage their time better. Perhaps that is the case here. I remember being unimpressed with that bio...

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Saturday, May 15th 2004

I spent nearly 4 hours today working on the yard. It was rough going at first - the tasks seemed just too big and I was sure that S and I would get a tiff about how to proceed. I don't know how to handle our differences sometimes. I'd elaborate, but my thoughts go in circles on this, so I'm not getting anyway. It bothers me that he speaks about the house as being my house sometimes - I think I can understand him doing that - its probably a mark of respect for the fact that I do actually own the ...

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Thursday, May 13th 2004

I just lost this whole entry - I had written quite a bit and it was helpful. I hate that I lost it. How frustrating.

What I was writing about was anger. My anger. Where it might come from and what to do about group situations such as I’m encountering at the conference, and what to do about it. I’m too frustrated to recreate what I wrote.

I watched myself very closely today to identify when I could what bothered me so much about group situations. It is two fold, I think. I think part ...

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