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Tuesday, Jun 8 2004

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I haven't journaled since before the surgery - so this feels a bit rusty. I actually decided to interrupt a movie (Lord of the Rings - Shawn gave me the DVD to watch) to jot a quick note in here. If I've learned anything, its that I need to stop the eating monster in its tracks.

I had decided that I would "start again" today - after all, I gave myself the 5 days of recovery to not worry about food and except for a few days I did just fine. But I'm having lots of "start tomorrow" thoughts. And I'm not sure what the right thing to do is. I'm still no where near 100% so I can't exercise yet. I"ll be able to take a walk soon, I can tell that, but not the Elipse for a while. And I'd just rather not deal. But, adults have to do things they don't want to do. So.

Perhaps I could go to maintenance level cals for now? 1600-ish per day? I haven't weighed myself since returning from the hospital becasue I frankly just keep forgetting. I will tomorrow. I don't know what to do.

You'ld think I would have lots to write about and I do, but I just haven't quite caught the bug to do so yet. I'm loving this time away from work. I had a phone interview today for a position with a company that an old co worker worked for. Its pretty exciting - I think I would love job. The phone interview went well, so I am hopeful for an in person interview. What a difference a year makes....a year ago I didn't have half the self confidence or non-addiction to pursue something like this. We'll see!

Slowly, but surely, back on track. I still have 5 whole days before I have to be back at work. Lots of time to think and write.

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