LYNNABEL's Jul 2004 CalorieKing Blog

Saturday, July 31st 2004

I got an email and a call from Molly today - sheís coming to town on Wednesday and will stay with me through Friday morning. Iím so glad.

This is what she wrote:

ďI love emailing too - I don't know why it is so hard for me to pick up the phone sometimes. I do think I say what I mean much more effectively in writing than face-to-face. Maybe that is a flaw - but I accept it.

I'm glad you like the wedding. Having you and Lesa and Lish there meant the world to me even though it was...

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Tuesday, July 27th 2004

I feel more serene right now having worked out than I did this weekend or driving home today. Steve and I went to Kateís wedding which was difficult for me - I donít know how to just be about this subject - I feel that I have to either act or cry. I thought perhaps Anna or Lish would be in the wedding, but it was hard to see that Anna was the maid of honor and Lish was the only bridesmaid besides her sisters. It was just very obvious how left out I am. And I know this is a broken record - but it...

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Wednesday, July 21st 2004

Iím so tired and empty today. I donít want to focus on it too much for fear of doing any permanent damage, but I am very frustrated with Novartis right now. Iím not getting a ľ of the training I need. I might as well have taken this week off for all George can meet with me or provide me with any useful information. Every day he says weíll meet more or longer or about more substance the next day and each day so far weíve met for snatches that make me want to cry. I know that in a month it will be...

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Sunday, July 18th 2004

Well, I start my new job tomorrow! Iím looking forward to it, and am not nervous. Iíll be meeting C early for training, then I have a corporate orientation, and then C for the rest of the day. It will be good to see her again.

My staff gave me a clock, engraved with ďLynn - You will be missed. Good Luck. BrunswickĒ. It is beautiful, and I was very touched at how sad they seemed to have me leave. I left two of them crying on Friday afternoon when I left. And L, my old supervisor, IMíed me a ...

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Friday, July 16th 2004

Today is my last day at the group home. I am so restless. In fact, Iím staying just so I can say goodbye to my two afternoon staff who I think would be very hurt if I didnít stay. Otherwise Iíd be out of here. Forty five more minutes. Ugh.

I am anxious to go. I think Iíve just been processing the idea of leaving for so long that I canít really feel anything right now except that this is the right thing to do.

Just got a call from a person who didnít identify themselves who started rai...

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