LYNNABEL's Aug 2004 CalorieKing Blog

Thursday, August 12th 2004

I keep meaning to journal but seem to want to when Iím not in a position to - like in the car or in the mornings before work.. Iíve been thinking a lot about maximizing time. By necessity so much needs to get done and there are only so many hours in which to do it. Working out every evening when I get home takes a big chunk out of the evening, but it an investment in me and my health, so I do see it as wasting time, but it does make me worry about when I have children. How will I have time to d...

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Monday, August 2nd 2004

I had a good Monday, all in all. Got lots done at work and feel fairly knowledgeable there right now. That will change Iím sure once I have more projects. A tad frustrated with the processes/disorganization, but nothing I couldnít handle. I really want to do more training on the clinical contracts. I must make time for that.

Worked out this evening - Iím still sore from last nightís FIRM video. Steve didnít get home til 8, so I had some of the evening to myself. Iíll have tomorrow night to ...

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